On September 29, 2014, the New Hampshire Trust Council hosted its members, as well as other industry leaders and notable guests. Those guests included Senators Lou D’Allesandro and Jeb Bradley, Judge Gary Cassavechia, Bank Commissioner Glenn Perlow, Deputy Bank Commissioner Ingrid White, and Director of Trust Supervision Spencer Culp.

The reception afforded members and industry leaders an opportunity to talk informally with key policymakers and officials about issues affecting the state’s trust services sector. In addition, some of the notable guests made remarks.

Judge Cassavechia, who is the presiding judge of the state’s trust court, summarized the history of the court’s creation, described the trust court’s initial successes, and shared some thoughts about how the trust court may continue to evolve going forward.

Commissioner Perlow commented on his department’s efforts to serve better the trust companies that it oversees, including the appointment of the first director of trust supervision and the department’s participation in modernizing the state’s trust company laws.

Senators D’Allesandro and Bradley both spoke about the importance of the trust services sector as a growing part of the state’s economy, as well as the bipartisan support that trust and trust company legislation has earned.

As the voice of the trust services sector within New Hampshire, the Trust Council continues to play a leading role in enhancing the state’s laws governing trusts and trust companies, as well as promoting the sector. Heading into 2015, the Trust Council is actively involved in the efforts to modernize the state’s banking laws and is leading the effort to prepare another trust bill. The Trust Council also announced the formation of a marketing committee, which aims to increase national awareness of the state’s favorable environment for trusts and trust companies.