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2010 SB 421

This act codifies the laws governing family trust companies into a separate chapter of the state's laws (specifically, Chapter 392-B of the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated). Text of SB 421

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2008 SB 465

This act establishes a statutory decanting power, expands and clarifies the laws governing trust advisors and trust protectors, and allows the formation of self-settled spendthrift trusts (also called asset protection trusts). 2008 SB 465

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Appeal of Lowy 156 NH. 57 (2007)

In the Lowy case, the New Hampshire Supreme Court construed the terms of a trust. The court wrote that: "When we construe a trust, the intention of a settlor is paramount, and we determine that intent, whenever possible, from the express terms of the trust itself. Moreover, we reject any construction of trust language that would defeat the clear and expressed intention of a settlor." (Internal citations omitted.) Appeal of Lowy 156 NH. 57 (2007)

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Trust Modernization and Competitiveness Act (2006 SB 394)

The Trust Modernization and Competitiveness Act marks a significant advancement in New Hampshire's trust laws. The act allows the formation of family trust companies (also known as family fiduciary services companies), significantly expands the provisions governing directed trusts, trust advisors, and trust protectors, and adopts the Uniform Principal and Income Act. Text of the Trust Modernization and Competitiveness Act

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2005 HB 542

This act modifies a trustee's duty to inform, modifies creditor rights with respect to discretionary and spendthrift trusts, and makes other changes to the Uniform Trust Code. Text of HB 542

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