2013 HB 560

This act eliminates the board of trust company incorporation, thereby empowering the bank commissioner to determine whether to approve a trust company’s formation. This act is effective July 4, 2013.

Text of HB 560

By |June 4, 2013|Legislation|

2011 SB 50

This act codifies the enforceability of no-contest provisions, establishes an opt-out provision for filing accounts by trustees of testamentary trusts, rejects the so-called benefit-of-the-beneficiaries rule, and creates limitation periods for claims against trust advisors and trust protectors.

Text of SB 50

By |June 13, 2011|Legislation|

2010 SB 421

This act codifies the laws governing family trust companies into a separate chapter of the state’s laws (specifically, Chapter 392-B of the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated).

Text of SB 421

By |July 20, 2010|Legislation|
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